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 Most homeowners love to fill their home with special scents year round. Disappointed many times with the length of time the candles had filled the home up with the aroma, or with the scents not being as luxurious as when they had first been lit, Lynn decided to make some products of her own. The products that East Coast Aroma offers are not only made with natural ingredients but also each candle is hand poured with the highest quality available. With several sizing options available, scents to suit anyone's desires for any time of the year, and beautiful packaging to suit any home decor, there is something for everyone!



FDA Approved and Kosher Certified Soy Wax produced in the USA

• Dye-Free and Non-Toxic

• Burns evenly and clean

• Completely natural and renewable source.

• Helps support the American farmers.

• Virtually soot free when burned properly

•  Natural Hemp Wicks


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